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how to become a client

To become our client it’s necessary to register in our customer database and sign the Lease Agreement.

how to become a client

Any adult citizen of the Russian Federation  and many of other countries can become a client of Kinoarenda company by registering in our client database and concluding the Lease Agreement, which is signed before the first receipt of the equipment.

For individuals:

To conclude the Agreement it’s necessary to come to one of «Kinoarenda» company’s office and to provide information about yourself to our managers. 

We consider the applicants who have reached the age of 18 only.

It’s necessary to provide the Рassport or ID Card and Driving Lisence

In addition it’s necessary to provide your details in the existing social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Vimeo, Youtube, Mywed, website, etc.). The better we know you, the more we trust, the more favorable conditions of rent can be offered.

As a proof of the identity the following documents are not accepted:

  • Car insurance policy
  • Passport of the vehicle
  • The policy of obligatory medical insurance
  • Library pass
  • Credit card etc.

When receiving the equipment and signing the Agreement, it is necessary to have the Passport or ID Card

For legal entities:

If you want to work with us as a legal entity, to sign the Agreement it’s necessary to provide the following documents:

  • Certified by the Director-General copies of charter documents of the organization
  • Details of the organization for billing purposes
  • Passport data of the main representative of the organization
  • Guarantee Letter of Director General
  • List with passport data of people having the right to lease the equipment on behalf of the organization

All documents must have the original seal of the legal entity as well as the signature of the Director.

Verification of documents and preparation of the Agreement may take some time (up to 7 calendar days).

After entering you in our customer base and signing the Agreement you become our client and can lease the equipment.

Customer profile

To become our client it’s necessary to register in our customer database and sign the Lease Agreement.


lease terms

We work for you 24 hours 7 days a week without breaks and days-off.

lease terms

To use our services it’s necessary to be our client - How to become a client. We consider the applicants who have reached the age of 18 only.

To lease the equipment it is necessary to reserve it in advance - How to reserve.

If you fail to reserve equipment in advance, it may already be leased or reserved by another client.

The equipment is handed over only to the client having reserved it in his name, upon presentation of the Рassport or ID Card. For legal entities in addition to the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation it’s necessary to present a duly stamped warrant for receipt of the equipment and the Guarantee Letter of a Director General to the amount of the assessed value of the leased equipment.

Equipment is to be leased under a security bond.

The security bond is calculated in accordance with the assessed value of the equipment and depends on the customer history and total rental cost of the equipment. As a security bond there may act cash recourses or other values agreed upon with us during booking confirmation.

Our policy is aimed primarily at improving the service conditions for those who are already working with us, therefore, the security bond conditions for our constant customers with good customer history are becoming more favorable over time. It’s possible not to pay a security bond, using the services of video engineer-assistant, the cost of his services and working conditions are specified in section «Services» .

Some items from the equipment list, as well as large sets of equipment, are to be leased exclusively accompanied by the assistant. About the necessity of such escorting, please, check with our managers.

The document, confirming the transfer of equipment, is the Lease Statement, which is signed with the client during handing over of the equipment. In the Lease Statement there specified customer data, equipment list, condition of the equipment at the time of transfer, terms of lease, rental amount and equipment assessed value. Carefully check the appearance and functionality of the equipment in the office. After signing the Lease Statement, claims as to the equipment condition will not be accepted. Take good care of the equipment. After signing the Lease Statement, you are financially liable for its safety.

The return of the equipment is confirmed by signing the return section of the relevant Lease Statement. If the return section of the relevant Lease Statement is not signed, the equipment is considered not to have been returned .The equipment must be returned to us in accordance with the terms specified in the Lease Statement. The extension of lease is possible only by agreement with us, if the equipment is not booked by another client. You are kindly asked to inform us in advance of your plan changes. If the equipment is not returned in time, and the client has failed to agree on the lease extension, he must pay the rental period exceeding the initial term subject to penalty interest in accordance with the "Policy and Procedure for computing and application of penalties", which is located in the company office, freely available on request.

If suddenly any problems with the equipment arise on the set, we will try in the shortest time to replace the faulty device with the same (if available) or similar, not to stop your shooting process, but at the end of filming we’ll examine the damage and determine who is to blame.

If you don't know how to correctly shoot what you have in mind or can't pick up the equipment, our experts will advise you. Feel free to ask questions.

We reserve the right to refuse the provision of leasing services without explanation.

And remember, by signing the Agreement, one agrees to the terms of the lease.

The above rules as well as the information published in the catalogue and other places of the website do not constitute an offer, but present only information about the working conditions of Kinoarenda company.

how to reserve

To reserve any equipment it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with our equipment fleet in the catalogue.

how to reserve

Select the equipment you need in the Catalog, determine the period of the lease.

One may book equipment by:

  • Calling us on the phone to: the main office +7(812)643‒42‒15.
  • E-mailing to:
  • To use the website services


To make a reservation you must report the following:

  • Your full name
  • The name and quantity of equipment
  • Date and time of the beginning and the end of the lease


When determining the start time of the reservation, consider the time necessary to check the equipment and process documents. Without these procedures the equipment will not be given.

Reservation is considered completed only upon confirmation by our managers.

If your plans change, you must cancel/change your reservation at least 4 hours prior to the reservation start time by making a phone call to: +7(812)643‒42‒15.

The clients violating the cancellation policy can be denied rental services.


We accept payment by cash and by credit cards in the company's office or by bank transfer from legal entities.


For individuals:

Payment of the equipment lease takes place after signing the Lease Statement. We accept payment only in the official currency of the Russian Federation – in rubles. We operate with Visa, Visa Electron, MIR, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay, accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payments. For regular customers with a good customer history there is a possibility of partial payment or payment upon return of the equipment.

For legal entities:

The equipment lease is paid against the issued invoices BEFORE the lease starts. Make timely payment of our services.

 As confirmation of payment it’s necessary to provide the bank transfer order.

We are a legitimate company, so you will get all the necessary accounting documents confirming the payment.

Calculation of the lease period and cost:

  • The lease period is calculated from the actual moment of the Lease Statement signing and shall continue until the equipment return.
  • Unit of measurement of the lease period is a shift
  • The duration of the shift is 24 hours.
  • The equipment cost in the catalogue is indicated at the basic rate for 1 shift.
  • If you want to return the equipment before the lease expiry date, it is possible to recalculate the cost of the lease.
  • If you have agreed on the extension of the lease, you must pay the lease extension period when returning the equipment. Take notice that the discounts depending on the leasing period are not allowed to the lease extension period.


We offer discounts on equipment lease depending on the duration of the lease period:

  • When the required rental period makes up less than 6 hours, a 30% discount on the base rate is allowed.
  • When the rental period makes up not less than 3 days, a 10% discount on the base rate is allowed.
  • When the rental period makes up not less than 14 days, a 25% discount on the base rate is allowed. In this case full payment of rent at the time of receipt of the equipment is required.
  • When the rental period makes up more than 30 days, a 30% discount on the base rate is allowed. In this case a preliminary approval and full payment of rent at the time of receipt of the equipment are required
  • In case of one-time rent of equipment for total amount of more than 50 000 rubles an additional discount is allowed, which is negotiated on an individual basis.

In addition, we offer discounts to students of specialized universities and our regular customers with a good customer history. Learn details from our managers.



We offer you to familiarize yourself with popular issues.
It’s the first time I contact you, what shall I do to rent equipment?
If you are at least 18 years old, you can become a client of our company, previously signing an agreement. Details on how to become our customer are specified in the same section «How to become a client».
Why are so many documents and details required?
The aim of our company is to create favorable conditions for everyone who applies. We want our clients to trust us and we in our turn want to trust you. And since mutual trust is built on honesty, reliability and fidelity of each other, we want to know about you as much as possible.
Can I pay rent by credit card?
Yes, you can. In S. Petersburg we operate with Visa, Visa Electron, MIR, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay, accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payments. In Moscow we operate with Visa, Visa Electron, MIR, Mastercard, Maestro, accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay payments. For legal entities the equipment lease is paid against the issued invoices BEFORE the lease starts.
I need to account for payment of the equipment rent, can I get necessary documents?
Yes, of course, we're a legitimate company, so you will get all necessary accounting documents.
I’ve booked the equipment, but do not have time to pick it up. Will my friend be allowed to pick it up?
We can register your friend as a customer and give him the equipment, but the terms of the lease (the discount and security bond) will be different in this case. In addition, your friend will have to be responsible for the equipment and he should understand that.
I don't know which camera is better to take for my project, what should I do?
Describe your project to our managers. All of our employees always go to film sets, they know what the filming process is, they are knowledgeable in the equipment, so they will definitely help you to choose that particular equipment you need for a specific task.
I'm going to have film shoots soon, but all familiar video engineers and lighting technicians are busy, can you help me?
Of course, we can. We have a staff of experts of various professions, who will gladly work on your project. How to order the specialist’s visit to the set is described in section «Services».