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Rent Zolar LED panels for free

Rent Zolar LED panels for free

Special offer for ZOLAR light panels until April 8. Zolars have high light output, high CRI and convenient application. They can run on V-Mount batteries.


  1. Rent any ZOLAR device free of charge along with software for two shifts for a test drive. A prerequisite: give honest feedback in the comments on the telegram, instagram or VKontakte post. Also, a review can be in a story / post on Instagram (with the mark of Kinorent and Synchro). The overview can be short or long, but specific and clear.
  2. One person can take any device for testing only 1 time.
  3. When renting any device for 3 or more days, the discount increases to 60% (not cumulative with other discounts)
  4. . This promotion can be used as many times as you like. You can combine the above suggestions. For example, take the light for a week, the first 2 days the device works for free (for a review), the next 5 days - with a 60% discount.