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Technical Oscar-2021

Technical Oscar-2021

At the end of the year, we traditionally determine the best equipment purchased in the past year. Not necessarily the most expensive and powerful, but necessarily popular or worthy of showing itself in the work.

1) Camera

  • SPb Canon EOS C70. The niche of compact movie cameras has proven to be extremely in demand, so if you passed by the powerful little C70, it's in vain.
  • Moscow Red Monstro. 8K is a beast, which now has a 25% discount. Up to 17 stops of dynamic range and full-frame sensor.

2) Lenses

  • SPb Sony CineAlta 4K 20/25/35/50/85 / 135mm (PL Mount) We flew with this novelty literally in the last car of the year, but it would be unfair to give an optical Oscar to other glasses
  • Moscow Here we were even at a loss, because this year there were more than enough worthy new products. But let it be ARRI ZEISS Master Prime PL

3) Light  - Nanlux Evoke 1200

4) Sound - Hollyland Mars T1000 wireless intercom with 8 posts for broadcasts.